Wood gasification
The project

Contents FAO 72 document, everything concerning gasification.
Handbook or biomass downdraft gasifier engine systems, everything concerning gasification.
The site of Ben Peterson. A very active guy!
The site of Vesa Mikkonen. He has written a book in which he shares his fifteen-years of wood gasifying experience. Also detailed photographs and drawings of the most beautiful and most efficient mobile woodgasifiers in the world.
For general information and excellent books.
The site of Fredrik Ek and Eerin Rosenström.
Nice pics of Finnish gasifiers.
The site of Johan Linell. As you see, particularly red Volvos run best on woodgas…
The site of Stig-Erik Werner. 
The site of Daniel Hagen.
Plans and information for the Gasifier Experimenters Kit by Jim Mason.
The site of Jeff Davis.
The site of Jonathan Spreadborough.
Woodgasforum, but first become a member, otherwise no access.
How to dimension an build a cyclone.
What is a monorator.
Professionals in metal.
Carwood and Laimet chippers.
Provides inverters.


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