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Welcome to the magical world of wood gasification!

Magic? Yes indeed! I have occupied myself in the noble art of wood gasification for some time now and know exactly which chemical reactions take place in the gasifier. However, even for me, it is still amazing to be able to drive along at sixty miles an hour on nothing else but wood!

Wood, the oldest and most accessible fuel, was overtaken by fossil fuels for ages, but it has never disappeared. It has also been pushed aside as a secondary source of solar energy by modern photo-voltaic solar cells. As a motor fuel it is considered old-fashioned and awkward, because of a bad reputation from the second world war. Nevertheless, the eyes of bystanders twinkle when they spot a woodgas car. Put an Italian sports car and a woodgas car beside each other and the largest mob collects itself around the woodmobile.
Wood, as a fuel, is not bad at all. I consider wood as a battery for solar energy. The tree uses carbon dioxide and water to grow, and in this way it "charges" its battery from the sun. However, merciless sceptics will tear me down on the low efficiency fact and in that sense they are right. What the sceptics do not take into account is that manufacturing and recycling an ordinary battery costs energy, precious raw materials and it cannot be made locally. An ordinary battery discharges itself after time and thus shortens its life span. Wood has none of these disadvantages, but has the advantages of providing shade, food, oxygen, building materials, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and then still it can serve as a fuel.
Unfortunately wood is not a cutting edge material and our modern, fast paced society does not tolerate a low tech fuel to operate a high tech machine. Obviously these worlds are separated too far and it is not acceptable to unite them.

However, woodgas can be produced surprisingly easy. The fact that a combustion engine can run on woodgas is mysterious. Wood is warm, romantic…. wood is magical.....

I will take you through the mystic world of mobile wood gasification. First, we will start will some dull definitions: what gasification is and how a woodgas generator works.
In the more exciting second part, I tell you about  the construction of my own wood gasifier on a Volvo 240.
In the third and last part I will try to teach you how to build a gasifier by yourself or at least give you a start.

Look ahead, read and enjoy!! 

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